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...we're gonna shout out loud, we're still not down and out ...
(aus: the other spoon, Shout out loud)
anhörenDisappointed (5:13 min)
anhörenWelcome to my Life (5:44)
anhörenShe (5:46 min)
anhörenNovembersong (6:46 min)
anhörenThe Warriors of Time (7:27)
anhörenComing Home (7:00)
the other spoon
CD 2008 Live at firstLIVE AT FIRST (2008)
Konzertmitschnitt, 63 min., zwölf Titel. Davon zwei für die Ohren...
LIVE AT FIRST (2008) Videomitschnitt
Metropolitan Disease (4:58 min)|Two Classes (4:55 min)

music written and arranged by Norbert Strauß, lyrics written by Norbert Strauß and Uschi Strauß, all rights reserved, © 2015
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